Deciphering last night’s double glazing notes – pointless

Waking from a blissful dream, I felt the sun shining through the window, gently warming my face. I’d had a rejuvenating sleep and woke up feeling refreshed. I didn’t know if it was the excitement of discovering Retrofit Double Glazing Canberra last night, or from the house deed coming through. I was officially the owner of my own home. It wouldn’t be long until I’d be out of this apartment, never to contribute to a stranger’s mortgage again. From now on, every cent of rent that I paid was going towards my own home. My rent had changed to my repayments, or it would once I’d moved in. Walking in to the kitchen, I flicked the kettle on and got a mug out of the top cupboard.

While the hot water dispersed the tea from the bag, I walked towards the notepad that I’d been scribbling on last night. I’d taken down almost everything I had read, thinking it may be relevant to something down the track. I think my biggest problem was, I wanted to know everything about Glazier Canberra. I wanted to seem like a professional myself, not to take charge, but just to know what’s going on – for my own piece of mind. I looked through my scribbles, making sense of as much as I could. As the night pressed on, the writing became less legible and trying to decypher it was pointless. I remembered the types of windows that Double Glazed Windows Canberra offered, and how great they’d looked on the website. I returned to my coffee, dolloping in the milk, sitting on the bar stool. How much more did I need to know before I arranged for the window replacement.

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