I want you to see the best wedding store in the city

I want to show you the place that I fear to go into right now. It is not because of anything that they have done, or talked or shown any inkling to do, but what I have done. I broke one of their dresses, after I bought it and I fear to go back in there because I will not be able to face them and lock them in the eye again. I still need to go back there once more because I have to pick up one of the best tiaras Melbourne has ever seen and I know that they are the only place to go and get them, that I would be proud to get them from. I will have to get Steph to go because I can not set foot in that place any more, for the fear that I will be judged. I might not even be judged by the owners of the people who work there. It might just be from the people who frequent the store and he might just be able to smell it on me. I am being really paranoid but I do not care. I will still feel this way and that is why I am just about to ask Steph to help me out of this massive jam that I have put us both in. Originally it was me that was going to go to the veils Melbourne store and get it and I would surprise her. She was meant to pick out the dress and I the veil, and I the suit for me and her the tie. It was our way of being a bit more involved in the different sections of the wedding. I think that it is all ruined now, by my incompetence. The confirmation dresses Melbourne business might be able to forgive me, but I won’t.

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