Making the decision, the house is being repainted

I’d been thinking about having my house painted for a while now. I’d recently made the decision to go ahead with it, and went to extremes coming up with colours and styles. I’d come up with the perfect colour combination for my home and found a great painting company to do the job. Yesterday, I spent a while on the phone to a woman working at Interior House Painting Melbourne. She was so friendly, and incredibly informative. She told me so much about their company, I even had a long list of questions which all ended up answered. I spent a while telling the woman at Weatherboard Painting Melbourne what I wanted done to the house and how picky I was. The woman assured me they could handle it, and gave me all of the information I’d requested about the pricing. We then talked about someone coming out to give a quote and what I needed to do to arrange that. I hadn’t made any appointments or anything like that, I’d wanted to think about everything for a little while before I went ahead with it.

It had been two days since I’d spoken to the woman at Painter Melbourne. I hadn’t been able to think of anything apart from house painting for those two days. Every time I looked at my house, I pictured how much better it would look with a new coat of paint, especially the colours I’d chosen. I had done enough thinking, there seemed to be nothing that could change my mind about having the place repainted, absolutely nothing. I went over my budget one last time, before I decided it was time to make the call. Tomorrow, I would call the painting company and book an appointment for a quote.

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