The termites are going to go away soon enough

I want them to be happy but I do not know what they are going to do with their lives if they are not with me. I fear that I am the only one who will be able to take care of them. I do not want to take care of them, but I know that I have to do it because if I do not then they are going to pass into the life-next. I do think that they will be happy enough in that next life but I do to want them to pass just yr. Maybe I do want that, and I will just have to call up the termite control Melbourne team as soon as I can, to get this passing on over with. They might well be in a better place soon, even though they think that my place is the best place that there is. I think that they will be in a warmer and more inviting place. They will be able to chew and bite and feed and live on all of the wood that their little hearts and minds desire. I want them to have a whole forest and desert all rolled into one, so that they can live out eternity in the comfort that the Gods provide for them, when they reach the land ever after. It won’t be long before the termite inspections Melbourne crew get here; I called them up a little while ago, and they will be getting started, as far as I know, as soon as they get there. It will be the best thing that I have ever done for me and I know that if I can do it then the termite treatment Melbourne crew might thank me for it, because they are all about that sort of thing too.

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